Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Botero is so popular?

Why Botero is famous Latin American artist and his subjects because he does so round and heavy?
Diana, Oshawa, Ontario

Diana, for an artist to be famous, the artist has to be known in the art infrastructure, which are the museums, galleries, art critics, monographs, journals and the public general. If the artist is known only from the art infrastructure as Guillermo Kuitca, Jac Lernia and Liliana Porter and are not well known by people in general then he or she can not have the status of being as famous / as.

Botero is recognized and respected as creative, innovative art infrastructure and the public, because his art is universal and can be understood by all. Leonardo da Vinci said "A painter is not admirable, if not universal." Botero's work is pleasant to see, is admired and understood, so it is universal. In this time installations, video art and conceptual art is what's hot and that's what artists are looking to be famous and recognized in art circles and institutions. But artists who do this kind of art have become famous in art circles only and are unknown by most people. The reason is not known in society is because their works can not be read by most people. Botero has had his bronze sculptures in public places and parks in New York, Milan, Venice, Lisbon, Rome, Tokyo, Singapore, Washington DC, Madrid, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal and many other cities worldwide. This proves that Botero is a famous artist.

To answer the second part of your question, because Botero makes his subject so round and heavy. This is a very important question in art. Why would an artist works this way or this other way? A first artist is a creator, not an imitator. Botero makes his Rubenesque figures to be different from other artists. If Botero painted his figures as he sees them, then he copying would not be creating something new. Each artist has to create his own visual language and visual language of it is creating subjects round, heavy and soft lines. Now we are so familiar with his work, which do not have to read the label on the museum, we know that did it.

Diana Thank you for your question and hope you're satisfied with my answer. Augusto



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